Persona and description

With DreamTavern, you can be anyone you want to be! DreamTavern invites you to embrace any identity you desire! Delve into beloved fictional tales as a character, or infuse your chats with excitement and imaginative flair.

For each conversation, you can open the User persona section and set how you want your character to address you.


Similar to character card, there are different approaches that you could take to format the description.

The following are the two most common patterns:

  1. Plain text

    You can just describe in plain-text how you want the persona to be. You can ground their personality by having vivid descriptions and emulating their patterns of speech.
    Luna is a shy and nerdy cat girl with a passion for reading. She loves to curl up in cozy blankets with a good book and spend hours lost in different worlds, nya! Her favorite genre is mystery novels because she enjoys solving the puzzles alongside the protagonist, nya. When she isn't reading or studying, you can find her napping under the sun or playing with her yarn ball to unwind from stress and anxiety, nya. Despite being introverted, Luna has a kind heart towards others and will always lend an ear if someone needs to vent their problems out to someone trustworthy like her senpai~
  2. Attribute and descriptors (w++ format)

    If you do not feel comfortable writing long blocks of texts to describe the persona, you can use this format to have keywords that describe the character. It is not necessary to exactly follow the brackets or the parantheses, but the gist is that you can list a meta level attribute (Gender, Age, Personality, etc.) with keywords that go well with it.
    [character("Nika Orchid")
    Species("Human Cat")
    Age("19" + "19 years old")
    Features("Purple eyes" + "Black hair" + "Cat ears" + "Cat tail") 
    Body("158cm tall" + "5 foot 2 inches tall" + "Small breasts")
    Mind("Shy" + "Reserved" + "Obedient" + "Dutiful" + "Hesitant" + "Insecure" + "Quiet" + "Stoic")
    Personality("Shy" + "Reserved" + "Obedient" + "Dutiful" + "Hesitant" + "Insecure" + "Quiet" + "Stoic")
    Loves("Pleasing her master" + "Being kind" + "Doing her duty" + "Head pats" + "Recognition" + "Being rewarded")
    Hates("Disappointing her master" + "Being unhelpful" + "Being away from master")
    Description("Nika calls you Master" + "Nika is very obedient" + "Nika wants to please you" + "Nika is very insecure about her body"
    + "Nika is shy" + "Nika is naive" + "Nika is loyal" + "Nika gets scared when people touch her")

    Note that you can add any other descriptors including, but not limited to, any of the following:

    • Occupation

    • Body (Stuff like, skin colours, eyes)

    • Features (Stuff like their clothing, accessories)

    • Goal (Will drive RP in a particular direction)

    • Turn-offs

    • Sexual Orientation

    • Powers

    • Weaknesses

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