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Saturday, Dec 23, 2023 - Group Chat Update

Today we're announcing a new major update to DreamTavern!

We call this the "Group Chat Update" because we now support character group chats (shoutout to @og for implementing this extremely quickly!)

With this update (and with the help of our friends at, we now also support two new models that are fine tuned for group chats : Cinematika and Bagel. We support them for group chats in addition to MythoMax L2!

These models are a lot more verbose than your usual chat and they're fine tuned on movie data, which is very exciting. Our personal favorite is Bagel! You can select the models when you start a group chat for the first time.

We also have a couple more exciting updates:

  • Support for character book imports from SillyTavern directly into DreamTavern.

  • Support for italicized/quotes style text (similar to Silly Tavern).

  • Support for editing your last message.

  • Support for magic response generation.

  • Fix issues with saving presets and experiences.

  • Many more small fixes and quality improvements.

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